Best Brands of Vegetarian Burgers available in the UK

When you’re a vegetarian in a meat eating world, you are surrounded by aromas at mealtimes, which make the soya based products prepared for vegetarian consumption a little dull. There’s no need to worry about that with manufacturers really trying hard to get your business. The UK market for vegetarian burgers has expanded over recent […]

Meatless best Brands of Veggie Burgers

The world of veggie burgers is as diverse as the streets of New York City.  Each brand comes with its own “style” and flavor and like each neighborhood in New York (the Village, Chinatown, Soho etc…) the sum of its veggie burger parts can incite excitement or avoidance. But which brand offers the best in […]

Cocktails Liquor

Unless you are a student, at a music festival or have been recently dumped, then there really is no excuse just to fling a spirit or two in a glass, add an optional mixer and call it a cocktail.  If you are passionate about gastronomy – really passionate – then the art of bartending should […]

Apple Cider Cocktail Recipes

No autumn celebration is complete without the sweet, rich scent of hot apple cider. More nutritious than hot chocolate, apple cider is the perfect complement to crisp fall weather, roaring bonfires and hayrides. It also comes in two versions: kid-friendly and adults-only. If you want to make sure not to mix these two up, you […]

Wine Basics everyone should know

Basic wine facts everyone should know Have you ever been in a situation involving wine like ordering from the wine menu in a restaurant, picked up a bottle of wine on your way to dinner at a friend’s house, or attended wine tasting and you didn’t know what to do? You need not feel intimidated. […]

Pink Drinks to Serve in Martini Glass

Mixing drinks, when done right, can be an art form.  It’s more than just taking two or more ingredients and pouring them into a glass – it’s finding the right combination of alcohol and additives to create a drink that both tastes and looks appealing. Below are some ideas for pink drinks that you can […]

How Scotch Whisky is Made

What is Scotch Whisky? Well just a moment. You must understand the process of making whisky before you can define Scotch Whisky. You need to know that whisky is the product of barley. Also, the main processes that are used to transform the barley into whisky are distilling, fermenting, and aging. Simple right? Let’s break it […]

Crepes Sweet and Savory

When many people think of French food, the first thing that comes to mind is the crepe. While these are not the only quintessentially French food, the simple crepe is so versatile that it demands a certain amount of attention. The origin of the crepe is most often thought to be from the French province […]

A Step by Step Guide to the Preparation of Crepes

French style crepes are a type of very thin pancake. Crepes suzette is perhaps the most famous type of crepe and served with an orange flavored, alcohol based sauce. Crepes can however be served on their own, with cream and fresh fruit, with a drizzle of maple syrup, or simply lightly dusted with confectioners†sugar. […]

Ovaltine Chocolate Light Malt Drink

Previously known as Ovaltine Light, Ovaltine Chocolate Light is an instant chocolate drink from the Ovaltine malt drinks range that contains at least 20% of the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of 11 vitamins and 3 minerals, as well as being a good source of calcium. Ovaltine Chocolate Light is made with the wholesome goodness of […]